Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm in Cullompton for the Alternative World Cup. It really is a football event, and other sports as well in ways I don't understand yet. Most teams seem to be from Bristol but others from further away. I found out about it through Bristol Wireless who have a temp internet cafe in a tent. The Psand van with sat dish is parked a few feet away. Most of the year we communicate through email etc. Two summers ago they got to Charmouth for a home education festival - HESFES. You may think it is easy to meet up between Exeter and Bristol but it happens rarely as I find it. Anyway after about half an hour of chat in real time we are back to typing and staring at screens.

I will commute from Exeter I think. Maybe a tent on Saturday.Not sure yet what this is about, except that wifi web access is part of it.

The satellite may not be based in the UK by the way. Blogger has gone into German.

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