Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Globe has got an IT box so in theory it could connect to wi-fi. Maybe this would help connections, if there was a decent camera for example. At least the video on the previous post was loaded at Google the day after the event. One problem is that few people use the wifi available. Apparently over about eighteen months there have been four people actually trying to use the wifi, of which three got it working. The signal reaches the car park so sensitive documents might stay secure.

There is a pub in Bristol, the Chelsea, where Bristol Wireless support a Linux box with web access and also wifi for any other computers available. They broadcast sometimes on Radio Vague and the music seems in the same range as the Globe. Maybe wifi could assist more contact but maybe real time is not an issue. I had thought of listening to Radio Vague this evening but will probably be back at the Globe. So here is one track from the Chelsea earlier this year, as MP3 and as Ogg. Check here if you need some guidance on Ogg Vorbis.

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