Saturday, August 19, 2006

I have now sent in a revised story for OhmyNews

Not edited yet. Some text has gone missing but should return.

There is a short mp3 copied from a video of Crediton World Music Choir. One really good development from writing about the tech aspects of Sidmouth was the loan of a camera from Exeter Television. This is still being edited but will √°ppear over the next few months.

I have dropped some opinion into a box. Briefly I have stopped worrying about wifi and immediacy as part of a festival or real time event. Online shifts in time and space so it augments an occasion. Something like that. Not sure how the OhmyNews editors will treat this. I am sending in stories as if it was a blog, there were three last year. And the ideas are not well formed. Still, something else will follow. I hope more people will start sending in stories.

Not off topic yet. Exeter wifi could follow up during Vibraphonic or in the autumn. The Melonious Funk session is included in the Sidmouth video. Not really folk but already a tradition to close the Dukes sequence.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering, where can I find the video of Melonious Funk? Could you publish a link or something, so we can put it on our Myspace or something? Cheers, Patrick (from Melonious Funk)

Will said...

The original tape is with Jo at Exeter Television based at Life Bytes on Sidwell Street. He plans to contact you anyway but drop by if you are passing. Opposite the Odeon. Transfer to online formats will take some time.

I have got a DVD and could copy to VHS. Where would I leave it?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I will certainly get to Life Bytes the next time I'm in town. Thanks very much for your time.


P.S I'm in town. How long is the video?

Will said...

There is about an hour including a soundcheck and some vocals. Grapevine is definitely a folk song in my view.

Also about three tunes from Ben on the Esplanade.

Check with Jo at LifeBytes. There was a transfer problem but I think he will have a DVD sometime soon.

Anonymous said...

That's cool. Thanks very much!