Friday, August 11, 2006

I have now found Sidmouth Internet Access and Repairs, hiding at the back of an arcade. Sidmouth shopping Centre, 91 High Street to be precise. There is also a food hall with vegitarian takeaways.

So this is ok for checking Gmail and adding to a blog. Having said that, there is not much to add. I still have some photos in mind and plan to try for a seat for the Thelonious Funk at the Dukes. It may be a bit more jazzy than Chameleon last year. The version of Misty on the Myspace site is quite slow and extended. Don't remember Chameleon quite like that.

No signs of wifi as such.


Ben Lowman said...


This is Ben from Melonious Funk, the band which was seen taking Chameleons place due to dropping out of Chameleons Bass player and Guitarist. Just to say that i hope you enjoyed our sets, and enjoyed it as much as Chameleon! Any feed back would be much appreciated!



Ben Lowman

p.s. Please feel free to E-mail the band at or myself at

Will said...


email follows

this blog is going off topic bigtime

back to bandwidth in Exeter sometime soon.