Monday, May 14, 2012

Wifi in Exeter suggests new forms of theatre

Because Posterous has slowed down today I am putting this post into Wifi Exeter. It seems a bit relevant as I think my form of writing assumes some wifi in Exeter or at least web access sometime the same day. Gripping Yarns happened over the weekend, some short monologues performed at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum. Last month there were writing workshops which I attended. I also wrote the beginning of a script but I could not attend the later workshops. The character was loosely based on myself and spoke about memory of the giraffe in the area now a cafe, the use of augmented reality to recreate the giraffe when viewed from the gallery and the extra performance won in a competition but about to happen offstage. I thought it was ok and the only prop needed was a tray with a QR code. Google Doc version. So this was designed to be recorded as video then linked to other video from virtual animation. On the actual day I was not allowed to do video but there was a phone camera as part of a performance. There was also a play about "Cameron Corporation" in which the Cloud did not come over very well. Mostly the web was presented as a way for corporations to steal content from the public and impose groupthink. My own guess is that social media would come over better in museums and the legitimate theatre if the people involved actually used it a bit more. There is permission to photo the long term exhibits at RAMM. So I did some of the new giraffe creations. I don't think there was much connection with Ghostwriter. I plan to have another look at Tales of Things. My sense of place could get vaguer but engagement levels could improve.

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