Monday, April 23, 2012

Steve Shopper rough notes on A2D #A2DMusicExpo

In general it seems that reporting by avatars may be a way to cover issues that take more time to clear for publication if from other sources. So a blog may seem less reliable on this basis but cover more aspects of something that might have happened. This started with Source Dubious and something that might have been said by quality workers about the HR department. Twinity is still the base for this sort of thing even though the maps are still missing so all the rooms are separated. Steve Shopper returned from London to Exeter for the Analogue to Digital music expo on Saturday. He is now back in London, pictured at the Twinity London Reception area - a space much like the Phoenix in Exeter.
He tells me that the Technical Panel thought there was a "backlash from the virtual world" so this may have put Steve in a bad mood. There seems to have been a thorough look back at analog. based on the decision by Falmouth academics to accept all the analog kit once at Dartington. The advice was to study work on 4 tracks including Motown and Phil Spector. Also some strong views on current efforts to get louder. "They are sqashing the life out of everything based on the peaks." (Steve took some notes but not about who said what.)The ITU standard BS1770 may help. It is supported by iTunes. Apparently Sound on Sound magazine dropped a feature about video as it was "too technical" for most readers. Steve is wondering why they get into sound technology and assume expensive kit is better for sound if they apparently use phone cameras for video. He thinks there may be a jump coming into cheaper mobile devices and cloud services outside the studio. Apparently one remark was "with tape machines, if you can lift it without a friend, it's not professional". I asked a question about K pop. It was accepted as a modern technology but I don't know how it relates to earlier techniques. Apparently Japanese studios have not used as much base as in the UK but I don't know if this applies to K pop also. I hope this will be covered on future occasions. As well as the issues raised by Steve Shopper. He is a gadget fan so will buy almost anything that runs an app. It may turn out to be just as expensive as renting a studio.

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