Friday, July 31, 2009

Video around visual art is getting easier but it may be easier still for a blog to include bits of visual content for the purpose of discussion. I have done some blank photos and versions with cable or string to show a network around the Exeter Castle, BT building, library Phoenix and museum. Each is on Flickr with Creative Commons copyright. So feel free to do some better lines and/or more photos.

The chat show during the beerfest was ok but could have had more people visiting from nearby. The connections can be at any time and comms could be by phone but the images show the possibility of connecting buildings. Assume a network exists inside each one. Line of sight could be cable, could be wifi.

Obvious connection with Fieldworks by Juliet Robson in the Phoenix till 2nd Sept. This is about fields of vision and ways we perceive our environment. But why stop inside the gallery?

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