Sunday, April 05, 2009

This blog is mostly about bandwidth but this post is about content except the last bit so please keep reading. I think it will more or less hang together.

OhmyNews have published my story about the Analogue to Digital Music Expo. Usually there are about 4,000 readers for each story but I am not sure where they are. I am promoting this story as a connection of something local and something global. OhmyNews has a Korean base but a very wide audience,

I linked the Exeter event to Adventures in Technology in Bristol and the Sundown demoparty in Budleigh Salterton. The editors have picked out my comment about the Mac emphasis. What about the rest of us? Very nice but could it all be done a bit cheaper? etc etc these questions will turn up again. Also they choose a picture from Bristol for the front page. Google News finds Kat Marsh as the first picture in the story. It was pointed out that her performance shows the move from analogue to digital very clearly.

The Express and Echo is the other relevant result on Google News. I claim that citizen journalism has added something. But then again it takes me several weeks to do one story. Still if every citizen did an online story a month it would add to the rich mix of local media.

In Korea the OhmyNews site often gets several stories about the same event. Then some corrections and comments from readers. The English language site so far has rarely reached this level. But similar forms of communication do develop. Events like Sundown and Adventures in Technology are reported through online networks. My stories for OhmyNews are intended to show some connections. There is enough happening round the year for a news event to be claimed every few months.

The mentions for "South West England" in the sub headline and chip design towards the end may get some official attention. Why worry about the future when the retro interest is so strong. The main current concern is the difficulty of getting reliable equipment for the chip tune.

Another recent story in OhmyNews by Jean K. Min suggests that in Seoul people expect about 100meg broadband at home and will soon get 50 while mobile. When I started to write for OhmyNews about four years ago i thought they were about four years ahead with Web resources and working out what to do about it. They still are. Jean's blog is called "Planet Sized Brain".

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