Monday, January 12, 2009

Thinking a bit more about it maybe there should just be acceptance for the fact that bandwidth in the UK is quite a lot slower than is often supposed or could be assumed by comparison with many other places. Perhaps Exeter City Council is right not to support Flash. At least they can support a lot of text. Recently I have been thinking about the ePUB format for the Sony Reader. This is mostly XHTML but there should soon be ways to move in text from most sources. The Sony Reader can import text files as well but then there is no contents page.

So rather than just raving on about how different things could be I think i will just concentrate on the text file (400k max as I remember from dial up days, not a bad target) as a project for the UK in general and Exeter in particular.


Benny said...

do you know what the average connection speed is in exeter?

surely most people are on broadband by now? haha or are we really that 'backward' down this way ;)

Will said...

Benny, it depends what is meant by broadband. Apparently there will be a 2meg offer to all in the UK. The Guardian today says this is enough for the BBC i-player. Seems unlikely to me. My guess is that video is borderline for most of Exeter at the moment butthere could be more investigation.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I think 2meg is the standard for Exeter. I've watched programs on the bbc i-player runs ok on that... only the odd buffer here and there