Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Buzz Busby visits Red Lion Gallery in a sort of Second Life. That is to say there is a photograph. Previously attempts to get permission to set up photographs or video have met with some problems so Second Life has some benefits although there are costs in actual land. I realise this has been explained before but there are gaps in this blog so sometimes a recap is required for new readers. Mixing the avatars and actual photos is one approach till a budget arrives for Exeter TV and / or Rougemont Global Broadcasting. then there may be an island or some studio time. Meanwhile the RGB reporters are just for the photos.

The questions remain much the same, how do creatives adjust for digital technology. How to present, how to promote, is there a business model? For example, several images are available on the web for the Exeter Open Studios (7-9 November) which is good in itself and may also help to lift the prices for the postcard auction. There is a difference with hard copy, even a postcard so my guess is that the value of the original is not harmed by a reasonable definition of the image online. This is something to discuss later on.

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