Monday, August 11, 2008

Sidmouth as an inspiration for local video.

For some reason it seems possible to video stuff in Sidmouth. This is year three or four of the YouTube etc. approach and so far there has been no problem. Melonious Funk have requested that Exeter TV drop one video but there is now another with better sound, even though it is from somewhere else. I don't think it matters too much if the essence of a place is represented. So in Exeter there is now a loop going round the centre with the possibility of dropping in interviews along the way.

For Sidmouth things are even better as there are already videos for the locations. Here is a version. (Better linking guides to directions welcome for the future)

Starts from Bedford Hotel to Dukes (will return later)

Recording from Dukes is rare for some reason but here is a video for Hannah and the Madding Crowd

Dukes to Market square

Dancing from Market Square, 2008, with an intro of other scenes

There is no video on how to get to the Anchor from the Market Square. It should be easy enough. Next year there will be a route via the Swan and Volunteer and back by bus.

From the Anchor Garden

From Anchor to bus stop at Triangle

From bus stop to Bedford Hotel

At Bedford Hotel

also seems to fit in here although from somewhere else, Wellington

So this seems to hang together well enough. Production levels are pretty low but it can mostly be done again. so maybe there will be a budget eventually. Suggestions to Exeter TV c/o Life Bytes opposite the Odeon Exeter. There may be a plan going forward.

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