Tuesday, February 12, 2008

In the USA things move forward. Wifi is to be free in Starbucks for some of the time anyway. This follows the big Mac decision.

Why did it take so long. You don't pay for a free newspaper while you drink coffee. Charging for wifi is nonsense. Some hotels still don't understand this but a Starbucks is never far away.

Except that plans for UK wifi are not yet announced.

Meanwhile in Exeter LifeBytes on Sidwell Street still seems fairly busy. There is still a need for professional support and large screens. Mobile devices are not yet combining portability and function.

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Tom said...

I am actually writing this comment from the libary in Exeter. A free (3meg ish) hotspot, and if you need mains power it's a quid a day.

I just find it's easier to come here than to give my notebook a shroud of grease in Macdonalds... In fact, I've never seen anyone use their computer in there...!

I might try Starbucks soon, I'm a T-Mobile customer so I think that makes it free?

The big advantage at the libary is the mains power though...

Oh, and when I'm out of all hotspots I have the HSDPA modem in my phone - the complete wireless solution!

Anyway, try the libary - just a thought...