Monday, November 26, 2007

The Apple Store has opened, roughly where the camera shop used to be. Strangely it has a webpage headed "Princesshay" - not "Exeter". As if Princesshay is now a different location. I find this rather worrying. The "clone high street" idea makes a lot of sense to describe what is going on. A standard for southern England has been loaded into the stamp tool. The idea that Exeter is a county town somewhere in Devon sounds very out of time. Still, I think the Apple Shop is a great benefit. Let us hope it lasts longer than Gateway did.

Upstairs there is a training and repair section with a display about wifi. Not sure if this works when you just turn up with something. The training is over a year with up to an hour a week of one to one. So the idea seems to be that most of the time the screen support is good enough.

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