Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Exciting news from Apple

Connect for free.

As long as you have an iPod touch, an iPhone, or a computer with the latest version of iTunes, you get free Wi-Fi access to the iTunes Store and to Starbucks Now Playing content.

Unfortunately this is only true so far in the USA.

New York and Seattle in October, Los Angeles and Chicago early next year.

But Exeter is somewhere on the Apple radar. One of the empty shops in Princesshay claims that Apple will be here soon. This is amazing and a tribute to the wonderful impact of the new buildings. Whether Exeter can sustain this style remains to be seen. Richer Sounds offers some alternatives at the end of Sidwell Street and some people will choose to compare prices when deciding on elecronic devices for the home.

There is a Starbucks in Exeter already, maybe more than one, so it is possible to imagine that the offer of free wifi while downloading tunes will arrive eventually.

Of course there is nothing to stop the combination of music and wifi happening anyway. For example there are now several screens showing adverts. Apparently they could relay sound but I know nothing about anyone trying this.

It is even possible that music could be broadcast outside some advertising or paid download scheme. Maybe the Autumn Festival would be an occasion to experiment.

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