Monday, April 30, 2007

Plasma screens have started to appear in Exeter. I have seena couple, at Life Bytes and the Phoenix. They currently show nothing but advertising, most of it local. Based on information from LifeBytes, it seems there may be more content later. But not much. Adverts will probably always be at least three quarters of what is happening. The screens are connected to web access so can be updated frequently. There may be some wifi access but this has not been tested. (No upload at LifeBytes, they have an obvious concern) Possibly sound could be provided if a suitable device was available with headphones.

By the way, I notice that the tables closest to the screen at the Tesco restaurant have the fewest people on them. at least, that is my impression. The sound of advertising is not an attraction. In my opinion some non-advertising content would be an advantage.

Meanwhile, here is an inspiring link to a website for Philadelphis. Notice the Youtube link is for a band that is appearing soon. This is a way to sell tickets. So far in Exeter there has been very little by way of performance video for YouTube and in each case long after the event.

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