Sunday, March 04, 2007

Recent research suggests that there are now enough web links to get an idea of most events. Exeter Television may get more active soon but meanwhile it is possible with a bit of time travel to get an idea of Vibraphonic online.

The mystery seems to be the James Morton Jazz Quartet. Usually Bristol has most things together but there is no sign of a web base I can find. Anyone reading this who knows more, please leave a comment.

Animation has not come to an end. This is from Jason Webley, at the Northbridge Inn last night. The Duckworths have a few tracks to download on Myspace. At the Northbridge on Monday. I'm not sure the Minor Planet link in the printed guide is the same group. Arnie Cottrell might be more at home at a folk festival as far as I can tell from the website. "Boots of Spanish Leather" has not got that relentless beat found on the radio.

At Havana, the act missing from print is confirmed as Two Spot Gobi. They turn up on YouTube. There are people who believe that lighting is important and that quick video should wait till more resources are available. Not knocking this video but I think it is evidence that if the sound is ok then any lighting is adequate.

Mark Abis on the Tuesday one week later has some excellent lighting.

And the Radio has started on a Belle and Sebastian version of Whisky in the Jar so I am getting into a more relaxed mood.

Meanwhile at the Globe, which is closest to where I live by the way, the house band Monkey's Uncle has a page of photos. Jon Sterckx has a video on YouTube that is a form of animation. Maybe people on the demoscene should have a look.

It is also on his website.

Panacea have music on Myspace and their website but no video as yet. They often perform in Exeter so maybe someone will get permission to video something soon.

I can't find anything on Dominic Ashford or Craig Milverton. Maybe they are in a jazz tradition of avoiding promotion, like James Morton. Only probing here, this is just a blog after all. Please add comments. Generally this is a very encouraging trawl, limited to just the smaller venues not places like the Phoenix.

Dominic Ashford and Craig Milverton will feature in a tribute to Oscar Peterson on 8 Mar at the Globe. Fortunately Oscar Peterson is represented on YouTube.

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