Monday, October 02, 2006

The really good news is that the Phoenix Arts Centre has some new kit to improve the wifi access from the Media Centre. Previously this reached the foyer in the media area but is now reliable in the open space between the media centre and the bar. This is fine while the October sunshine continues. Probably there will be an extension to the bar or an additional resource. To make sure of this, let someone know if you would make use of wifi at the Phoenix.

The main point in my opinion is to work out what the benefit is of wifi for art creation or communication in general. Maybe it is just my slowing down at the end of the summer but I no longer think in terms of festival events where time and space are compressed. There is just as much potential in shifting time and space outside of specific events. So probably this blog will look at previous links through wifi over the next few months. There may be some new examples of wifi in use. The autumn festival looks interesting. Maybe there could be some live broadcasting but then again amybe we should just edit the stuff from Sidmouth in August.

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