Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I think this is the best blog to use as a base.

For the next couple of days at least. There will be some clarification on what is in which blog.

This weekend coming up could have been the Lost Vagueness main event of the summer and close to Exeter. One benefit would have been that Psand could well have attended and shown the effective use of satellite broadband etc. Obviously they don't tour all summer long just to help techno awareness but the occasion could have been a focus.

I tried to rehearse last weekend, just to get ready. Still in drift mode however. Not sure what it is about the middle of summer. If that is what this is. Lots of daylight anyway. It may be a time for reflection, maybe sudden action when assumptions shift.

Tomorrow is Billy Wilder's birthday. Time to get ready or update the site.

This is the reference site. At least for the next few days. In the USA if you can find TCM on cable then you will get the original and best Lost Weekend.

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