Thursday, January 06, 2005

Since Acrobat 7 is now out, wifi is not really so crucial. Adobe seemed to assume broadband as a future when designing Acrobat 5 and 6. Not sure of the dates here, but see 'Network Publishing' as an idea. Now with 7 the comment features in Reader can be activated offline. Also forms can be completed offline and the data sent as XML so the files are small. Maybe server software really needs little bandwidth but my previous impression was that Adobe assume people are online all the time, an aspect of broadband.

wifi and satellite have been a possible solution for rural broadband. However in the UK, BT have eventully decided to activate all exchanges anyway. Maybe wifi helped to encourage this.

By the way, PC World have moved from Exe Bridge to near Tesco and the M5. This is still part of Exeter but not city centre. As of earlier this week BT have still not installed their wifi access, I think it is called Openzone. Lots of home networking including wifi. So Exeter is moving backwards at the moment. PC World was the only site with wifi and technical support.

Plan A is still to work on Animex, a digital fringe for Animated Exeter. Based at Life Bytes, 24 Paris Street. Mostly stuff that has already been downloaded, stored to disc, copied to CD.

This will connect with mobile devices, wifi etc. later

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