Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Couple of new things.

There may be a games based internet cafe in Exeter for a while. Parts of Paris Street are to be demolished as part of the new Exeter must change sequence. The High Street is hard to walk through. There is no way to Southernhay from the Cathedral Green. The Post Office will soon be on the edge of the centre.

However the upside of this is that a short rent for six months might be afforded by renting computers. Apparently networked games has a following. Personally I am not convinced there is demand in Exeter to get a cafe through the winter but the bulldozers should arrive by Feb anyway.

For details contact David Gedrych

Second thing is that BT seem to have changed policy with their phone boxes. On South Street you can now use their screen and keyboard for minimum 30p for 15 minutes. This works aout at £1.20 an hour, much less than £6 an hour for wi-fi. Also with wi-fi you have to buy the time online with a credit card, then remember or copy a user name and password. 30p in cash is enough to check out a page or two.

So the combination of events suggests another timewarp. wi-fi may be the future but a cafe is another choice while it lasts.

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