Thursday, March 18, 2004

There is a fairly new organisation in Exeter called Wired West. I have been to one meeting and told a few people about how animation and wi-fi could both be supported. They seem more interested in a 'business case' for wi-fi so i have added a link to Intel.


Some students at Plymouth College of Art and Design have done a short Flash piece as work experience. I could not offer much of a script except to ask they showed a wi-fi bus reaching Exeter where something happened at a festival. They have done a great job in the time. I hope to do more promotion on this later.

Still not a lot of sign of wi-fi in Exeter. However there is an article in Personal Computer World ( May p 97 ) about broadband in Buckfastleigh.

It seems there are a couple of pubs with wi-fi so this could be investigated. Buckfastleigh is not too far from Exeter. Things could move over the summer. I think it is safe to assume that wi-fi will be widely available in time for Animated Exeter in 2005. Meanwhile something will continue online.

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