Saturday, February 14, 2004

Tomorrow is Games Day at the Phoenix. At least three of the PCs form Hyperactive storage seem to be working.

Games is on the edge of the animation scope and PCs are on the edge of that. The assumed interest is around PS2 and X box. However we should get something to happen and ths material is working ok on a laptop. The technology changes quite fast though. Hardly any of the files work on the Hyperactive kit, roughly eighteen months out of it. So this is an archive display.

Bandwidth returns as an issue. Looking again at various sites it turns out that Atom Films now have a Hidef section. Some of this is animation and it really is better than anything on television from a picture quality. 'Uncle' was created in plasticine so would fit with a film program such as much of animated Exeter. So there is a connection there, if there was bandwidth.

BBC4 had a program on games to be repeated next week. It includes information on BAFTA awards for 'interactive' and games. I don't know who set up the British Animation Awards but maybe they would take in games and/or interactive. If not there should be some connection with BAFTA. The software and skills is much the same. This may come up during the careers day on Monday or maybe I shall find out where my view could be going wrong.

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